About A&S

The company Andersson & Sørensen's Eftf. A/S was founded in 1913.


Who are we?

Although we are an old company, we have always understood how to adapt to change. With the broad composition of employees, their skills and updated machinery, we are the perfect partner (from idea to reality)

From 1913 to 2013 – Building on 100 years of experience

Andersson & Sørensen has accrued over 100 years of experience in:

  • Turning

  • Milling

  • Wire and die sparking

  • Laser engraving

  • Assembly

  • Traditional, manual processes

​​From belt drive to five-axis CNC milling machine

Andersson & Sørensen are specialists in machining. We are subcontractors to companies working primarily in the medical devices, electronics and slaughter industries. 

We can machine items that are required by customers to have a high level of precision, such as measuring instruments for measuring fat layers in meat. 

Our machinery is constantly updated and is always up to date with the technological developments in our field. Therefore, we can offer our customers tight and accurate delivery times, even for very complicated items.