We have extensive experience in CNC turning

At Alfr. Andersson and O. Sørensens EFTF. we have more than 100 years of experience in various forms of CNC turning, CNC milling, wire sparking and laser engraving. You can therefore feel safe in your choice of us as your next partner. We can handle many different tasks for all types of customers, and we can provide our services for customers in Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand. 

Our experienced operators work with high tolerance requirements in CNC turning every day. The broad experience of our operators ensures higher quality and cost savings. Among other things, these are achieved through efficient and optimal programming and optimisation of clamping and rotational speed. Our solutions are also always well thought-out, have multiple operations in the same clamping and are continuously adapted to quality control aimed at series production.

We can help with everything in the field of CNC turning

So, if you need help with any kind of CNC machining, please get in touch. We are always ready to help wherever needed. Our competence in precision work is a speciality which enables us to advise all customers from the design phase to final assembly and delivery. 

We help with CNC turning for both large and small projects and act as your trusted partner. We always honour agreements and put your wishes and needs first every time. All items produced by us can be delivered with a measurement report from our own 3D coordinate measuring machine.

We can offer: ​

  • Workpieces up to Ø 65 from rod

  • Workpieces up to Ø 250

  • Series sizes from prototype to 500

  • Fast delivery time

  • Solidworks CAD
  • Edgecam CAM



​Contact us for more information

​Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Then feel free to contact us for a non-binding chat. 

We can be reached by phone: 35 35 55 13​ or by email: aogs@anderssonogsoerensen.dk, and we will get back to you shortly.

The parts we manufacture and assemble are usually part of the finished product for our Danish and foreign customers.