​We are specialists in the production of 0-series and prototypes.

​​At Andersson & Sørensen's Eftf. A/S, we are specialists in the production of 0-series and prototypes. 

With our broad composition of employees and their skills, we are the perfect partner (from idea to reality). 

We have our own assembly department, which can handle almost any assembly task. Laser engraving of most items.

All items can be delivered with a measurement report from our own 3D coordinate measuring machine.

The competencies remain in the company

The company Andersson & Sørensens Eftf. A/S rests on the skills and experience of its employees as well as the skills and experience gained over 100 years as a subcontractor to our customers in all industries. 

Almost all employees have completed their apprenticeship at the company, and many have celebrated their 25th anniversary with us. Over the years, we have trained around 150 apprentices. This provides stability. 

Our goal is to ensure our employees have the best skills in the market. Only in this way can we create innovative solutions and ensure the high quality for which A&S is known by its customers.


We have competencies in:

  • CNC programming and operation of CNC machines as well as experience in using the tools that are optimal for the process.

  • Precision mechanical manufacturing of parts with very small tolerances so that customers can be sure of a perfect overall result.

  • Turning and milling of parts used in, among other industries, the medical devices industry.

  • EDM of parts with wire thickness down to 0.1 mm

We can deliver series from 1 to 500, and the delivery time is agreed with the customer

Andersson & Sørensen's employees can carry out work with almost all materials within our field. The combination of our coherent machinery and competent and creative employees gives the company great flexibility. A flexibility that allows us to make quick changes to processes if the product requires it, and a service our customers are always aware of.

Complex items can be handcrafted according to the best traditions of craftsmanship and with great professional pride. We still use files, and we can also hard-solder.

In the 100 years Andersson & Sørensen has been in business, the company has only changed hands three times. According to the company's articles of association, the owners must be employees of the company. This protects the company's know-how and helps to ensure stability​.

​We can process parts in the following sizes